Welcome to Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB

Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB is a 100% owned subsidiary of NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden).
AIPS started its operation May 2016 in Tidaholm Sweden.
The main business for AIPS is to manufacture Instrument Panels and Glove Boxes for the NEVS model 9-3 for export to China.
AIPS is also a development partner for future EV car program in Trollhättan, and development center for safety, passenger airbag solutions, light weight and surface materials.
Future plans are to broaden the customer base beyond NEVS with the main focus on the automotive industry.
The main tool in this endeavor is to offer the automotive industry a higher level of product development and partnership opportunities with short decision paths and strong customer relationships through a cost effective, flexible and "lean" organization.
Our roots are in development, which makes us a strong partner in various development projects. In this context, we can use our machinery and expertise to produce prototypes under serial conditions.
We hope to be a strong player as the automotive industry is now moving to a new model generation based on environmental responsibility.

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58°10'54.2"N 13°58'28.6"E
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